Yasmine Cheyenne


Finally, you don’t have to figure out how to begin your self-healing journey alone.

The Sugar Jar® Community App, created by Yasmine Cheyenne, is a safe space to develop self-awareness, learn boundaries, and find tools and resources to support you on your self-healing journey.
Downloading the app is free and gives you immediate access to affirmations and journaling prompts.

Your Sugar Jar Feed Is Customized Based on Your Needs. You CHOOSE!

One of the first things you’ll do when setting up the app, is choose the topics you want to focus on.  Need help with boundaries?  You can choose that.  Really want to work on calling your power back?  You can choose that.  And if neither of those are where you want to start, there are eight topics to choose from with a wide range of audio and video workshops to help you Fill Your Sugar Jar™.
  The bottom line- you get to choose what your self-healing journey looks and feels like for you.

What's In The App...

Weekly Audio Workshops + Meditations on topics ranging from Boundaries to Letting go
Monthly Video Workshop teaching methods you can add to your self-healing toolbox
Free Daily Affirmations with Journal Prompts


"It feels really good to have all things self-healing in one spot!"


The Sugar Jar Community® App Provides Support + Easy to Use Tools to Continue Your Healing

Downloading The Sugar Jar® Community App is free and instantly provides you with access to self-healing tools on the go.
Whether you’re hoping to build deeper self-awareness, improve your journaling practice with accountability, sink into meditation, or receive affirmations when you need them most – The Sugar Jar® Community App provides what you need to heal and grow.