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Video Workshops:  Each month you’ll receive a new workshop designed to help you learn new methods you can add to your self-healing toolbox.
Audio Workshops: Each week you’ll receive a new audio workshop based on one of the core topics in the app.
These core topics are: Boundaries, Calling Your Energy Back, Choosing Yourself, Self-Awareness, Joy, Letting Go, Rest, and Filling Your Sugar Jar™.
Your home page will be customized based on the topics you choose during registration. These topics can be updated at any time.
Meditations: You’ll receive a new meditation each week and our collection covers many experiences, topics, and needs.
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Daily Journal Prompts that inspire you to get curious about how you feel.
An Audio and Text Journal that allows you to voice record or write your thoughts.
Weekly Say It With Me Affirmations™ that encourage you.  You alo get access to all previous affirmations which are saved in the app!
A Progress Calendar to keep track of all the self-healing work you’re doing!

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You can download The Sugar Jar® Community app on the Apple App Store and Google Play .  It’s available in every country that has access to the Apple App Store or Google Play (over 174 countries)!