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  • i have been taking these past few months to settle into this blessing I’ve been given.  I’m so thankful for this gift! 👶🏽♥️🙏🏾
  • a daily lesson in forgiveness. of self.  of others.  and allowing myself to be forgiven.
side note...forgiveness doesn’t mean allowing behavior that violates my boundaries.  i can have boundaries and be forgiving.
  • love yourself. no one else can give it to you like you.
  • reminder.  from Salve.
  • trust in what is already yours.  be happy for what someone else receives.  the outside always looks better from outside...focus on your story to make it what you want♥️
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Often, we believe that doing it all alone is what will keep us safe.  It’s the fear of disappointment and being let down that puts us in this state.  We believe that our hard work will eventually pay off and we don’t need anyone else to help us get there.
And this may be true.
But, I’ve learned that if you don’t trust other people and be around other people and meet other people then you may be keeping yourself from meeting the person who could potentially be your blessing, your connection, your key to the next step.  Having people who can point you in the right direction, who may already know the right answers, and may already know for sure what not to do.
This all comes from doing your own work.  We often don’t trust ourselves and so this makes it difficult for us to trust others.  We often have been betrayed, and so we we believe our next betrayal is right around the corner.
But our fears will often keep us boxed in, afraid to move forward and small.  And to grow, we need space and freedom.
Allow yourself to ask for what you need and seek it with trust and love. .
x, Yasmine

"Self-love is the key to everything"