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  • in my experience the best boundaries ALWAYS come from a place of love. it could be love others, love of self, love for the earth, love for a cause. but from love. boundaries don’t automatically mean ‘telling someone about themselves’ or making someone change their lives or forcing someone to do things your way. a boundary is for you + allows you the opportunity to decide what your choices are based on how you want to live your life- nothing to do with theirs. check in with your emotions when it comes to your boundaries - what place is it coming from? what do you need to be able to choose love when putting your boundaries in place?
  • sometimes when things don’t go as we wish they were we beat ourselves up for what could’ve been. we can’t believe we didn’t see what really was or that we ignored signs. we wonder why we keep making the same ‘mistakes.’ i’ve definitely seen the places in my life where i have chosen to ignore the truth and instead believe the intentions of someone could turn into what i hoped for.  but in each situation the lessons have made me stronger, helped me know what to look for in the future, + reminded me of how we’re all human - trying to do the best we can. it’s so important to me to remind myself to forgive myself daily. for the mistakes, the lessons. the learning. i know that’s what is for me is for me and will come when (and if) i’m prepared to listen (to myself + God) + trust.
  • as i walk with this challenge to let go in my own life, i find how we’ve somehow made it feel easier to keep the painful things (even untrue things) closer + the things we seek at bay. it’s time to reverse this, switch this, release this, choose something different. even if we don’t know how, when we change the narrative the rest of us will catch up.
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it’s been a month since i delivered and i’ve gone through sooo many emotions and layers.  i’ve seen the places that i’ve grown that i wasn’t aware of, grieved for the parts of me that wasn’t ready in the past, and allowed myself to be vulnerable in ways i didn’t know i could. i’ve received in ways i didn’t know i could. i’ve set boundaries in ways i didn’t know i could.
it took me a long time to like myself. an even longer time to love myself. and i fall in and out of love with myself all the time as i strive to be more forgiving of my humanness.
i was inspired by @sophia_roe to name things i love about myself + i’m adding things i’m proud of myself for too:::
1. i love my ability to laugh, be silly, and make others laugh
2. i’m proud of myself for giving love (in all forms) a REAL chance
3. i love my body for bringing me my children + being gentle as i’ve learned to be soft.
4. i’m proud of myself for forgiving myself. this is so hard for me + each time i do it i’m grateful.
5. i love my smile. and even though i fret over skin issues, + aging and all the stuff i love who i am. .
acknowledge + honor the ways that you’ve grown. share them if you feel called. speak about how you love yourself - it’s not a great thing. we spend so much time criticizing ourselves. we can spend time honoring all that we love too.
x, Yasmine
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  • while spending this time ‘unplugged,’ i’ve noticed such a change in my energy by using extreme discernment in who’ve i spent time with. my joy can’t be taken, BUT ‘energy drainers’ can surely deter it. bring around the sunshine. bring around those who are working toward their best and they will sow into you [and you into them].
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sometimes when i am truly happy, soooo happy, i find myself instantly thinking of what could potentially go wrong. i reach for all of the potential things and then before i know it i am focused on those instead of other things.  @brenebrown talks about rehearsing tragedy and how when we feel so happy, so vulnerable, we believe it by thinking of the negative we will keep ourselves from potential pain should something happen.  but i know from so much experience this isn’t true. .
what is important is to let myself be free to be happy when i am happy. to know i’m worthy of my happiness and that even though it may come and go, enjoying it while it’s here isn’t going to make pain harder to deal with when it may arrive.
what do you do when this comes up for you? how do you remind yourself of how worthy you are of happiness?
x, Yasmine

"Self-love is the key to everything"