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I created this holistic space to serve women. A safe + nourishing place that we could come to heal, learn, grow + begin or continue the process of embodying ourselves and all of our needs, as whole beings. As women.


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there is no repayment for over giving.
there is no repayment for codependent relationships.
these people, who take, and play the roll that helped you to feel needed and worthy, were not in a reciprocal relationship with you - nor were you with them.
you are whole- but hadn’t been taught what whole was - so you suffered in relationships of all kinds - waiting for the moment when someone would finally see all that you’d done - and repay you.
the ONLY thing that you can do is to grieve, heal, and grow from what you’ve learned and begin to focus that once misplaced attention onto yourself.  find assistance to help you through the pain.  surround yourself with people seeking what you’re seeking.
it’s tough- but with loving kindness and time and dedication to yourself and your future, I believe it can be truth.
x, Yasmine
  • i have been taking these past few months to settle into this blessing I’ve been given.  I’m so thankful for this gift! 👶🏽♥️🙏🏾
  • a daily lesson in forgiveness. of self.  of others.  and allowing myself to be forgiven.
side note...forgiveness doesn’t mean allowing behavior that violates my boundaries.  i can have boundaries and be forgiving.
  • love yourself. no one else can give it to you like you.
  • reminder.  from Salve.
  • trust in what is already yours.  be happy for what someone else receives.  the outside always looks better from outside...focus on your story to make it what you want♥️

"Self-love is the key to everything"