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sometimes we create rituals believing that they bring us happiness, because at one time they did.
maybe travel used to make you happy. maybe running was what brought joy + peace. perhaps going to an event helped you feel connected.
but sometimes, we get caught up in our rituals and use them in place of doing what we ACTUALLY want to be doing or even in lieu of doing our personal work.
what do you always turn to for joy? is it helping you be a better you? does it keep you on the ‘hamster wheel’? is it time to switch it up?
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  • ✨ Sunday thoughts ✨
what if we gave ourselves the grace that we so often pour into others? .
self love > everything
  • explore this with me + share your thoughts below xx
  • today is the day for yes.
in what ways have you been staying safe? or afraid to rock the boat? or afraid to speak your truth? .
we can’t allow others to be comfortable on our backs while we try to calmly keep it all together. .
let’s commit to stepping fully into our yes. and saying no, even though it can be uncomfortable. because then we realize we’re more uncomfortable bending where we don’t want to than the discomfort we’ll feel in being honest with ourselves.
who’s with me?
  • ✨ there is so much power in learning the difference between helping others + giving ourselves away. ✨

"Self-love is the key to everything"