Yasmine Cheyenne

Hi, I'm Yasmine

I’m an Author, Workshop Leader, Wellness Expert, and Speaker.

I help people heal and live their best lives one day at a time.

Through my books, workshops, meditations, and more, I empower people to create the change they desire and grow in their careers, relationships, and overall lives.

Get to Know Yasmine

My life experiences, being a native New Yorker, Air Force Veteran, Victim Advocate, and more have all lead me straight to healing.  I find joy in creating safe spaces for people to heal, grow and learn collectively. When people are in community together, storytelling begins and through those conversations we learn we’re not alone and that growth is possible.  My niche is helping people learn these tools and more importantly, feel empowered to use them.

As a meditation teacher, author, speaker, workshop leader, yoga teacher, and certified health and wellness coach I bring a whole body and mind approach to healing. Whether hosting a luxurious getaway, a two-hour journaling workshop, keynoting, or hosting a corporate retreat, my passion and intention is to lead people through healing work that ultimately changes their lives.


My book’s are written to be companions: anytime you find yourself in a spot where you’re feeling unsure, where you’re excited but don’t know what to expect, or you’re looking for inspiration on your healing journey – you want to read my books!


As a workshop leader and speaker, I share personal experiences of growth, failure, and the in-between moments to inspire and create an environment of vulnerability.  When we hear someone else’s story, we’re willing to look at ourselves and create change too. 

As wellness expert, I’m also able to provide the tools that create lasting change and growth.