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Boundaries, Codependency, Dating, Marriage, Motherhood, Jobs, Mental Health. I talk about it all here. Visit the journal.

My goal is to create conversations that spark a sense of discovery within each woman I meet. I created this self-healing space to help women grow. So that women feel liberated and empowered to choose themselves and what matters to them.


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  • a message + reminder to listen with intention and take note of the actions of those around you.
people say a lot of things. but what do you feel you ‘have to’ do to get them to show up?
all relationships require some form of work, but you won’t have to lay yourself bare over and over again for those who love you.
  • vulnerability brings us closer to the people we love, is the gateway or door to connection, and allows us to feel comfortable tuning into + sharing our emotions. but it won’t always be received the way we’d hoped - and that is the scary part about vulnerability. but the important reminder is to remember that we show up vulnerably for us - so that we can live attuned and in alignment with whats for us
  • a reminder we’re all out here trying to do our best - juggling all the ups, downs and in betweens. be gentle with yourself + remember it’s not just you (although it can feel like everyone else is chillin’ while we’re all trying to maintain while freaking out plus wanting to thrive at the same time 🤣 - but for real).
  • say it with me.
  • when we’re accustomed to being in unhealthy relationships we often measure our new relationships against our old ones and count the ways the new person is an improvement EVEN IF our cycles + behaviors remain unhealthy.
sometimes we don’t know how to really take note of how we feel + these questions (especially if discussed with a trusted friend, coach, therapist, etc) can help you discern how you’re showing up in relationships.
  • a message to those committed to awareness + living in alignment with your purpose.
don’t forget to have fun and come up (and out) of this work.

"The more we tune into our inner voice, the louder + clearer it gets. We become more confident + able to stand firm in our truth, when we speak our internal language."